Hole by hole presentation

  • Hole 1 "Vineyard" - PAR 4, 241-332 m, index 9

    From the first tees you have a great view of the sea- bay of Piran. One old solitaire Pine- tree marks your driving- target. The wide first fairway provides an easy start of your round of golf, green no. 1 has an easy to play- open front, too. Many old trees like Oaks and Acacia follow the hole on both sides. Similar woodlands like these on hole no. 1 will be typical views over the whole golf- course.

  • Hole 2 "Sea View" - PAR 3, 127-184 m, index 15

    Due to its narrow and downhill layout this par 3 requires your best performance. There is the Driving- range on it` s right and a wine- yard on it` s left side. Around the green there are grassy hollows, pretty good to play, which help to catch slight misshits from rolling down into the shrubbery all around. The view of the green is framed by rows of new trees forming a beautiful postcard- design with the Mediterranean- sea in the background.

  • Hole 3 "Olive tree"- PAR 4, 306-361 m, index 5

    Now there` s a really testing hole to come, a very narrow and long par 4 falling towards a steep wood- covered rock all along the right side. For a precise approach to the green from this kind of fairway you need al lot of experience, too. Therefore the green is surrounded with grassy- hollows to support long shots onto the green, boosting the golfer` s confidence to reach the green in two. This hole looks like a narrow and undulating green road leading through a jungle of stones and shrubs.

  • Hole 4 "Cypress"- PAR 3, 152-220 m, index 13

    This long par 3 is framed by woods and single- trees on both sides of it` s fairway. It is a signature- hole with a beautiful view of the typical Mediterranean countryside with two big Cypress just behind the green. The green` s front is designed open in order to support golf- beginners. Nevertheless, the back side of the green demands high- risk- shots to draw near to the pin.

  • Hole 5 "Wasteland"- PAR 5, 365-488 m, index 11

    At first this hole is a long and straight one between the Out to the left and an undulating wetland along the right side. A hundred Metres before the green the hole has a strong dogleg around the water- hazard to the right and the green is placed high above three stone- walls. The green has an open front, but it` s difficulty is increasing towards the right and back side, better to play a fade- approach. Sand- bunkers and stones mark the hole along the right side, hills and mounds are framing it along the left side. Two deep hollows are crossing the fairway just in front of the main driving- areas. The existing woods give a beautiful frame for the green` s view.

  • Hole 6 "Juniper"- PAR 4, 299-391 m, index 1

    This hole is lying in former cow- yard- area, and is therefore surrounded by lots thorny shrubs and beautiful single- trees. As it goes steadily uphill, it` s longer than the scorecard shows. Two sand- bunkers and two big oaks are protecting the drive- zone. The green was placed just in front of a very big old oak- tree. It shows you the way, if you had an off- centre- shot and your ball is lying in one of the deep grassy- hollows that are dividing the fairway from the shrubbery. The green itself is raised up with terraces and surrounded with hills and sand- bunkers

  • Hole 7 "Fishbunker"- PAR 4, 285-381 m, index 7

    The 7th hole guides you through a narrow wood slightly downhill onto a half- peninsula- green. A fairway- bunker on the right side and an undulating wetland on the left side are narrowing the driving- zone for long- hitters. A sand- bunker formed like a fish, as well as several undulating sand- traps are protecting the approach- shot. The green itself has a testing and difficult putting- surface, too. The surrounding wetland is partly coming quite close to the green. It helps you, when you are able to play a draw onto the green.

  • Hole 8 "Turtle"- PAR 4, 251-331 m, index 3

    From the half- peninsula- tees you have to drive a relatively short but quite difficult hole. As it was cut into the existing light wood, there is only a narrow fairway- path between shrubbery and single- trees and a strong kind of uphill, too. Keeping your ball on the fairway now is the serious demand, maybe hopefully being kept by some grassy- hollows near the fairway, or your ball will be lost ever. Green no. 8 is lying cross to the direction of play, quite wide, but not very deep. It requests precise carry- shots and the right choice of golf- club. Beware the deep sand- bunkers in front of the green. Behind the green there are mounds and stones for distance and orientation.

  • Hole 9 "Mulberry"- PAR 5, 377-494 m, index 17

    This wonderful downhill par 5 marks another highlight of the first half of your golf- round. It is not too long, but you will need a quite precise drive out of the woods onto the beautiful open fairway below. A big wetland then joins the hole on the right side, the wood accompanies the 9th hole along the whole left side of it. Big sand-bunkers mark the beginning of the second drive- zone on the right, forming a big area of sand and mounds up towards the green and several sand- bunkers are surrounding the green very tightly. The hole´ s strategic design will reward courageous and accurate shots. And besides, you will often have visitors from the half- way- station behind the green.

  • Hole 10 "Tuscany"- PAR 4, 236-359 m, index 8

    The steep downhill- drive out of the wood forms it` s unique character. The drive- zone is narrowed with sand- bunkers and marked with rows of trees, forming a typical dogleg to the right. The green has a well protected location between a biotope to the right, an old hedge behind and lots of sand-bunkers and mounds all around it. Here you have to manage a difficult greens- front and a hollow along the middle of the green. For safety you should play a fade.

  • Hole 11 "Three Oaks"- PAR 4, 267-347 m, index 10

    From the raised tees you have good view of the flat hole. On both sides the straight fairway is framed by old and bizarre trees. The right side is completely protected by a dense wood in the steep rocks. On the left side two old hedges and a beautiful group of oaks are forming marvellous scenery. The green turns a little bit towards the wood on the right side, a biotope is drawing quite close to it on the left side and upon that three sand- bunkers are protecting the green. It` s difficulty increases towards the back side.

  • Hole 12 "Hrvatska"- PAR 4, 238-339 m, index 6

    This hole was cut out and filled as a narrow terrace along the existing rocks. On both sides it is protected with wood and shrubbery. There is a very steep edge to the left, some grassy- hollows work as ball- stoppers. The undulating fairway is a kind of slightly uphill and narrow. The approach- area in front of the green also leaves little room for miss- hits. The green` s right side is a little bit easier to play. There are sand- bunkers protecting the narrow green left and behind it. Single- trees behind the green show you the right way to play.

  • Hole 13 "Monster"- PAR 5, 414-556 m, index 2

    You will remember this drive: tees high up on stone- walls, surrounded with old woods, bizarre single- trees framing the view, a breath- taking view to the far and deep fairway below, shrubs, hedges and biotopes to the left and a very big pond on the right side of the fairway. The second landing- area is narrowed with many sand- bunkers and mounds. But behind there the hole is getting one with the gentle hills on the horizon. The green- area forms a protected hollow between mounds and sand- bunkers. Old hedges are framing this unique Mediterranean scenery.

  • Hole 14 "Alberi"- PAR 3, 98-153 m, index 18

    This short par 3 gets its beautiful look due to the protected valley with the view of the old church. Hedges of flowering bushes and big grasses join the fairway, as well as rows of typical Mediterranean evergreen trees. Along the middle- axe there is a bunker in front and one behind the green. Three Cypress- trees and two stone- walls are catching your view in the background. The well- modelled putting- surface determines the hole` s difficulty.

  • Hole 15 "Romanic Church"- PAR 5, 353-472 m index 14

    This hole has a very interesting dogleg to the left leading around a beautiful hedge, the old church and an old pond, with a demand on strategic golf- game. Watch the old trees just in the dogleg to the left as well as the sand- bunkers along the right side of the fairway that are spreading towards the green. Further sand- bunkers are protecting the green in that way to make it possible to play a “tigerline”, but only with much risk. Here the name “Amen- corner” fits to the scenery and is describing the characters of the 13th to the 16th hole.

  • Hole 16 "Fade away" - PAR 4, 309-393 m, index 4

    This hole is determined by the big pond on the left side of the fairway. It` s heroic design rewards drives, that were played with much risk near the water- hazard or over it. You can shorten the hole with heroic golf- shots. Upon that, fairway- bunkers are protecting the right side of the drive and the approach to the green is narrowed between the pond and a biotope all along the right side of the fairway. In that way green no. 16 is a sort of half-peninsula surrounded with water- hazards, bunkers and mounds.

  • Hole 17 "Stonewall"- PAR 4, 287-373 m, index 12

    The 17th hole will please long- hitters, because the pond on the let side ends quite short. But take care of the wood and rocks along the right side of the fairway. The green will be very interesting to play. Don` t be tempted by the big hollow in front of is and choose the right club. And take care to the pin- position, because the 17th is a very long, narrow and bent green with three waves running across it and flowing out into bunkers and mounds.

  • Hole 18 "Pines"- PAR 3, 101-155 m, index 16

    The finishing- hole requires your most precise tee- shot, although the hole is quite short. The 18th has been deeply cut into the rocks, so that steep stones are framing the green on the whole left side and behind it. Stone- walls are built for the narrow terrace of fairway to the right. Slight miss- hits will be kept by grassy- hollows and the big sand- bunker on the right side.

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